Hongtao Wen (文洪涛)
PhD Student

Department of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Location: P505, Mong Man Wai Building, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
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Research Interest

I work in the field of Robotics, Computer Vision and Deep Learning.
Currently, I focus on the following research topics:

Education and Intern



TransGrasp: Grasp Pose Estimation of a Category of Objects by Transferring Grasps from Only One Labeled Instance
Hongtao Wen*, Jianhang Yan*, Wanli Peng, Yi Sun
European Conference on Computer Vision 2022 (ECCV 2022), * indicates equal contribution.
Webpage / Introduction Video / Code / PDF

We propose TransGrasp, a category-level grasp pose estimation method that predicts grasp poses of a category of objects by labeling only one object instance.

Self-Supervised Category-Level 6D Object Pose Estimation with Deep Implicit Shape Representation
Wanli Peng, Jianhang Yan, Hongtao Wen, Yi Sun
Thirty-sixth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2022)
Webpage / Introduction Video / Code / PDF

We present a self-supervised method for category-level 6D pose estimation, SSC-6D, which can predict unseen object poses without explicit pose annotations and exact 3D models in real scenarios for training.


  • Updaing ...


Research Projects:

     These videos demonstrate some specific cases where TransGrasp predicts robust grasp poses for robotic manipulation.
Robot Demonstration: robot-assisted watering mobility-impaired individuals. Robot Demonstration: autonomously pouring water from cup into bowl. Robot Demonstration: autonomously grasping household objects.

Open-Source Projects:

  • Vision-Based Robotic Grasping: A continuously updated summary of papers related to vision-based grasping, where I help to write a convenient program to automatically download these papers without human interference.
  • Paddle ViT Tutorial: The repository provides demonstration codes for researchers to implement Vision Transformer(ViT) using an industrial deep learning framework called PaddlePaddle step by step.
  • Paddle PiT: An unofficial repository implemented by PaddlePaddle of Spatial Dimensions of Vision Transformers, which is a Pooling-based Vision Transformer (PiT).
  • Paddle GreedyHash: An unofficial repository implemented by PaddlePaddle of Greedy Hash: Towards Fast Optimization for Accurate Hash Coding in CNN, which aims to tackle the NP hard problem in Deep Hashing.
  • Paddle HashNet: An unofficial repository implemented by PaddlePaddle of HashNet: Deep Learning to Hash by Continuation, which is a novel deep architecture for deep learning to hash by continuation method with convergence guarantees.
  • More open-source contents can be found on GitHub and 百度 AI Studio.


  • Excellent in project analysis, implementation and coordination.
  • Language: Chinese (native proficiency) & English (proficiency, IELTS score 7.0).
  • Programming language: Python, C++, C.
  • In-depth knowledge of Robotics, Computer Vision and Deep Learning.
  • Familiar with deep learning frameworks: PyTorch, PaddlePaddle.
  • Familiar with the programming of robot ROS system.
  • Self-motivated with passion for researches and technologies.

Honors & Awards

  • 2022, Outstanding Graduate Student of DUT.
  • 2021&2022, First Prize Scholarship of DUT.
  • 2022, Champion on 3 tracks of Research Re-implementation Challenge by PaddlePaddle.
  • 2021, Top 1% on 2 tracks of Challenge of Xunfei AI Recognition Algorithm.
  • 2021, Top 1% on 3 tracks of Challenge of Guangdong Intelligent Recognition Algorithm.
  • 2020, Top 1.5% on Guangdong Industrial Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Contest -Intelligent Algorithm Tournament.
  • 2020, Outstanding Graduate of Liaoning Province.
  • 2020, Outstanding Graduate of DUT.
  • 2019, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Scholarship.
  • 2018, Huawei Scholarship.
  • 2017, First Prize Scholarship of Lingshui.
  • 2017, Second Prize in Mathematics Competition of Dalian.
  • 2017&2018&2019, Outstanding Merit Student of DUT.


  • Swimming (breaststroke). I won the 4th place in the final of DUT swimming competition.
  • Mountain climbing. Mountains and hills are everywhere in Dalian.
  • Folk dance. I have participated in DUT art performance (Fenglan Cup) for 3 times.

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